Self-published work

Stephen Leather

is one of the UK’s most successful eBook entrepreneurs. His self-published eBooks The Basement, Once Bitten and Dreamer’s Cat were all bestsellers on the Kindle and at one point he had four of the top five slots on the UK Kindle bestseller list. The only British writer who sold more eBooks than Stephen Leather in 2011 was Jim Grant (AKA Lee Child). Stephen Leather was so successful in marketing his eBooks that The Bookseller magazine named him as one of the Top 100 influential people in the UK publishing market.

His eBook The Basement – about a serial killer in New York – reached number one in the US and UK Kindle charts.

In 2012, Amazon began publishing The Basement and Stephen Leather’s vampire thriller Once Bitten through its Amazon Encore publishing house.

Stephen Leather self-published a murder mystery novel called The Bestseller, and a full-length crime thriller Take Two, in which a soap opera star witnesses a gangland killing. He also self-published a dozen Spider Shepherd short stories, set during his time in the SAS. The short stories have been gathered together into two collections, available as eBooks and paperbacks.

He has self-published a number of short stories, including a series about a Singaporean detective, Inspector Zhang, who has a penchant for locked-room mysteries. Monsoon Books in Singapore has published the collection as an eBook and in paperback.

Take Two
Stephen Leather - Self Published - Take Two

Carolyn Castle is one of the most famous faces in the UK – a soap opera star known to millions. But when she witnesses a gangland killing she has to ask herself if her fame could be the death of her. The killer is charismatic gangster Warwick Richards. A man more than capable of killing again to protect his secret. But does he know that Carolyn saw him commit murder?

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The Bestseller
Stephen Leather - Self Published - The Bestseller

Would you kill to write a bestseller? Well Adrian Slater says that he’s prepared to do just that – and announces the fact in a creative writing class. Lecturer Dudley Grose is convinced that Slater is a psychopath and means what he says. But the Dean of the university doesn’t believe him and neither do the cops – until a pretty young student is murdered.

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Dreamer’s Cat
Stephen Leather - Self Published - Dreamers Cat

A science fiction murder mystery set in a future world where virtual reality is a way of life. The hero is a Dreamer, a one-in-a-million talent who lays down psi-discs for the Cerebral Broadcasting Corporation. But when Dreamers start to die, our hero has to go into their alternative realities on the trail of the killer.

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Private Dancer
Stephen Leather - Self Published - Private Dancer

Thailand 1996. The Year Of The Rat. Pete, a young travel writer, wanders into a Bangkok go-go bar and meets the love of his life. Joy is the girl of his dreams: young, pretty, and one of the Zombie Bar’s top-earning pole dancers. What follows is a roller-coaster ride of sex, drugs and deception, as Pete discovers that his very own private dancer is not all that she claims to be.

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Bangkok Bob
Stephen Leather - Self Published - Bangkok Bob

Introducing Bob Turtledove — Bangkok antiques dealer and part-time private eye – in a case that brings him up against Russian gangsters, hired killers and kickboxing thugs while looking for a lost Mormon in the heart of Thailand.

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The Eight Curious Cases Of Inspector Zhang
Stephen Leather - Self Published - The Eight Curious Cases Of Inspector Zhang

Crimes are few and far between in the city-state of Singapore and the crimes that do occur are usually solved quickly and efficiently. But when there s a crime that has the police baffled, it s Inspector Zhang that they turn to. From locked-room mysteries to disappearing drugs and murders disguised as suicide, Inspector Zhang is able to draw on his experience as a detective along with tricks he has learned from the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. See if you can solve the crimes before the inspector – the clues are there!

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The Alphabet Game
Stephen Leather - Self Published - The Alphabet Game

Dave is a frequent visitor to Thailand and has taken full advantage of all the sexual activities on offer in the Land of Smiles. After sleeping with a girl called Ay and a girl called Bee he decides to play The Alphabet Game.

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Banging Bills Wife
Stephen Leather - Self Published - Banging Bills Wife

Adrian is a Singapore-based stockbroker who flies to Thailand to blow off some steam. He takes every sexual opportunity offered to him in the Land Of Smiles, but before long he is bored by the endless chain of sexual partners. That’s when he’s offered a new sexual thrill.

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The Pregnant Wife
Stephen Leather - Self Published - The Pregnant Wife

Dave is an English teacher in Bangkok who discovers a way to get free sex with a stream of beautiful girls. He has the perfect life, until he meets Nok. And when Nok falls pregnant, Dave’s life changes for ever.

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The Threesome
Stephen Leather - Self Published - The Threesome

Be careful what you wish for, because your wish might just come true. Jimmy’s secret wish was to have a threesome with his wife. But when he takes his wife to Thailand to fulfill his sexual fantasy, his life changes in a way that he never imagined.

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Spider Shepherd: SAS (Volume 1)
Stephen Leather - Self Published - Spider Shepherd: SAS (Volume 1)

Dan “Spider” Shepherd is the hero of the Sunday Times bestselling series written by Stephen Leather. Before he was an undercover cop and MI5 officer, Spider was a soldier and a member of the elite SAS. This collection of short stories covers the period before Shepherd joined the SAS, how he enrolled in the SAS and acquired his nickname and detail his adventures in war-torn Sierra Leone. The stories introduce many of the characters that appear in the Spider Shepherd books. The short stories are – Hard Targets, Natural Selection, Narrow Escape, Warning Order, Hostile Territory and Rough Diamonds.

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Spider Shepherd: SAS (Volume 2)
Stephen Leather - Self Published - Spider Shepherd: SAS (Volume 2)

Dan “Spider” Shepherd is the hero of the Sunday Times bestselling series written by Stephen Leather. Before he was an undercover cop and MI5 officer, Spider was a soldier and a member of the elite SAS seeing action in warzones around the world. This second collection of short stories covers Shepherd’s time in the Middle East and Afghanistan with the SAS and detail how he narrowly escaped with his life in a deadly ambush. The stories also introduce Lex Harper who appears in the Spider Shepherd novels. The short stories are – Personal Protection, The Rope, Planning Pack, Friendly Fire, Dead Drop, and 
Kill Zone.

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San Francisco Night
Stephen Leather - Jack Nightingale - San Francisco Night

Jack Nightingale fights his battles in the shadows – in the grey areas where the real world meets the supernatural. But when he arrives in San Francisco to take on a group of Satanists bent on opening a doorway to Hell, the danger is out in the open and all too real. The Apostles – a Satanic coven using murder and torture to pave the way for a demon to enter the real world – realise that Nightingale is on their tail. And unleash their own brand of monsters to take him down. With Nightingale’s life – and his very soul – on the line, he has only days to stop The Apostles from bringing death and destruction to the entire world.

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New York Night
Stephen Leather - Jack Nightingale - New York Night

Teenagers are being possessed and turning into sadistic murderers. Priests can’t help, nor can psychiatrists. So who is behind the demonic possessions? Jack Nightingale is called in to investigate, and finds his own soul is on the line.

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Ladyboy Lover
Stephen Leather - Ladyboy Lover

The last thing Jeremy expected when he moved to Thailand was to fall in love with a ladyboy. But that’s what happened. And all went well until he decided that the one thing he needed to create the perfect family was a baby. That’s when it all went horribly wrong.

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